Wild Barefoot and Free

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This is a sublimation transfer that is ready to press.  It is printed on 8.5"x11" paper.
No shirt is included!

**The white background will not transfer to the item.**

You will need a heat press for this item, as a normal iron or EasyPress does not offer enough heat and pressure to properly transfer the image.

It is highly recommended that you press this onto a 100% polyester shirt, but some blends can be used as well (nothing with less than 65% polyester is recommended) and will give you a more vintage finished product.  It is also recommended to be placed onto a white fabric.  Other fabrics may alter the colors as sublimation works by dying the fabrics and the darker the fabrics, the less they can be dyed further.  Sublimation also has no white ink capabilities, so any white on transfers will become the color of the fabric when pressed.

Press at approximately 390 degrees for 40 seconds (times may vary from press to press, but this is a good general starting point.

We are not responsible for damaged items.  We stand behind our products though, so if you are having an issue with a particular transfer, please contact us immediately and we will try to resolve the situation appropriately.