About Us

Welcome and thanks for checking out the shop!

I'll introduce you to the crew!

I am Erica - never would have guessed that, right?  lol

I am a mom and a wife and I love every part of my life!  My husband, Cody and I own our own trucking company and I love all things crafting in my free time.  We have twin boys, Zaid and Eitan, that are 9 and couldn't be more opposite, Cloie who is 3 with a personality the size of China, and Zoie who is almost 2 and just as sweet as can be!

We love crafting and working on things as a family.  So, last year, we starting doing more crafts because of COVID.  Several family members are big into the shirt world, and we thought that would be a great thing to get into and let the kids really open up their minds and express their personalities through some cool custom tees.  So we created away and just from sharing a few of our pieces, we had friends and family asking for more!  So we kept expanding.  We are now an official LLC.  We are very focused on the fact that we have the opportunity to spread joy and kindness to others and we are trying to teach our kids its not all about money.  We price our products VERY reasonably (go ahead and search and compare!) and NEVER charge more for larger sized apparel.  I have not always been physically fit and I know how self conscious I was about my body.  If you're struggling with your self image, the last thing I want to do is ding you even more to make up a couple extra dollars.  I want you to be comfortable in your skin and I want you to get the same great deals as everyone else!

So come along on this journey with us as we continue to expand and grow!

Thanks everyone for all of your love and support! 

♥Erica's Random Shop♥